Help for All During a Challenging Time

One thing that companies didn’t plan for six months ago was a pandemic that would swiftly restructure the entire world including how all businesses operate.  With changes in businesses that are allowed to operate, and some companies operating under completely different circumstances, many companies are experiencing a strong decline in revenue. Where do you reach out for help to keep your business operating?  How do you connect with other companies who are also facing the same disruption?

The best thing to come out of this pandemic is the desire for businesses to help one another through a challenging time.  Companies are being relieved of months of rent, customers are ensuring they promote their favorite businesses online, other companies are reworking their production line to produce items healthcare employees are in desperate need of, and B2B businesses are offering free or low-cost services to help one another. This is the time for all businesses to work together towards a common goal of overcoming the largest challenge of our generation and to help each other come out stronger.

How can you take advantage as a company needing help?

Companies such as rinehimerbaker are helping businesses apply for small business loans, disaster relief loans, and outsourcing any finance work that companies can’t handle currently. Cloud-based automation services are also offering multiple free months to help ensure you can still run payments and receivables remotely. is offering customers facing a significant decline in the revenue 3 free months to automate their AP remotely and help them get back on track. To find out if you are eligible please reach out to the rinehimerbaker team. We will help you with setting up a demo and getting onboarded quickly.

This deal ends 4/27/20


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Open API

The Power of Sage intacct’s Open API and Maketplace

Sage Intacct currently has over 200 software solutions listed on its marketplace with that number growing weekly. Currently, 75% of their users have integrations with 2 or more of their software partners creating seamless solutions within the cloud. The marketplace partners cover a range of categories including payroll, CRM, time & expense, inventory management, finance & admin, e-commerce, and business management. They have been able to create this best-in-class solution for their customers by having a completely open API. 

What is an open API? 

An open API is a publicly available application programming interface that allows developers to create their own unique integration into a certain piece of software. This is the backend system that creates a gateway between two solutions that need to be able to automate sharing information. Sage Intacct has made its API open allowing software companies to easily create their own custom integration. When marketplace partners have the ability to create their own integrations it takes away the coding process for customers.  


What makes Sage Intacct’s open API unique? 

When creating their API Sage Intacct created the backend before the user interface which creates a very robust and stable solution for all marketplace partners to build out integrations. The open API is so stable that they guarantee their API won’t change in any of their upgrades throughout the years. They currently have a 15-year proven streak 

The seamless integration allows for all your cloud-based solutions to easily push information back and forth eliminating manual processes that can be time-consuming and create mistakes.  This also means that your IT department won’t have to spend valuable time maintaining and installing new solutions. All of Sage Intacct’s main partners are plug and play. This means your accounting team can easily turn on new software and for those integrations that have a slightly higher amount of customization your VAR partner ( rinehimerbaker) can have you up and running quickly. 

The marketplace offers 3rd party solutions that allow connections between smaller software solutions that haven’t yet built out their own integration into Sage Intacct’s API. These additional connection solutions make the marketplace rare and powerful for its customers.  It also offers huge cost-savings to customers by being able to skip hiring an outsourced service to build out custom integration.  

rinehimerbaker’s Top Choices on the Marketplace: 

While Sage Intacct works with a variety of strong partners, here at rinehimerbaker we have a list we recommend based on our history and clients success. is a software solution that helps you automated your accounts payable process to save time. We have implemented this integration for multiple partners, and all have had great time savings due to the automation and elimination of manual mistakes.  

Expensify is a mobile expense reporting solution that cuts down the hours of manual data entry and makes it faster to review expenses, reimburse employees and close the month. They allow employees to log expenses on the go through an app, easily reimburse employees the next day, and reconcile corporate cards through a complete integration. 

2CP is a custom payment solution that offers e-commerce, recurring capabilities, merchant services, and email invoicing through an integrated solution. This software solution helps you invoice quicker and get paid faster while eliminating data entry.  

FloQast is a close management software that helps accounting teams close faster and more accurately. It was built to address gaps in your organization, collaboration, automation, and integration for the financial close process.  

Salesforce is the leading CRM that has complete automated integration with Sage Intacct allow a business to see their customer’s journey from beginning to end. This best-in-class software has streamlined the quote to cash process and allows for better communication between departments.  

Workforce Go is a cloud-based human capital management solution. It helps manage payroll, people, and time from pre-hire to retirement. This helps save your company time, reduce manual errors, eliminate reporting delays, and make functionality choices.  

Avalara Avatax is a strategic tax compliance solution that delivers instantaneous sales tax decisions based on more than 12,000 taxing jurisdictions in the United States. This solution assigns hundreds of thousands of taxability rules to get the correct rate for your company. This takes the stress out of tax.  


To find your best-in-class solution, fill out the form below to speak with one of our senior accountants and implementation experts. AP and AR Solutions

Product Spotlight: AP/AR Solutions

At rinehimerbaker llc, we are focused on helping you run your business do more with its resources, moving faster, making smarter decisions, and focusing on future growth. “Play Harder, We’ll Keep Score” is more than a motto, it is a way of life for us, who want to help you in any way we can.

One such way that we help is through our cloud technology consulting services, in which we help you to find, select, implement, and operate cloud solutions for your business, including Intacct Accounting and ERP Software, Tallie expense software, payment solutions, MineralTree, and Gusto HR solutions.

In this, we are working to highlight each of these products over the next few months in our product spotlight series. Following last month’s spotlight of Intacct, we would like to turn your attention from the finance department to the Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable departments, sharing with you the benefits of, a cloud solution designed to help you pay and be paid faster. AP and AR for the Modern Business

While many businesses still rely on paper checks and paper invoices to manage their AP and AR processes, using paper to do so is antiquated, slow, laborious, and worst of all, risky.

On both the payables and receivables side, paper is costing time and money. Whether that’s through direct costs like paper or postage, labor costs to manage the process or address errors, or opportunity costs that come as a result of all of the manual paper processing going on, the continued use of paper is holding businesses back.

Additionally, on the payables side, organizations see many risks from duplicate payments to phony invoices to check fraud, all of which could harm your business. was designed to address these challenges, providing secure, paperless payments at costs lower than the traditional invoice and paper check method. The software integrates with a multitude of accounting software options including Intacct, NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero to accelerate the process and add the security and fraud protection that your company needs. Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable helps you invoice and get paid faster.

  • Accept Electronic Payments by ACH or Credit Card
  • Automatically send reminders when payments are due or overdue
  • Automatically send recurring invoices
  • Allow customers to set up recurring payments
  • All of this, integrated with your accounting system.

Offering low ACH costs, the lowest merchant rates for credit card processing, and the ability to accept many other forms of payment, makes the AR process easier for you and the payment process easier for your customers—thanks to the payment gateway. Learn more about the security, mobility, ease of use and cost savings offered by here. Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is a complex process, but makes it easier. Simply scan, fax, or email your bills to and their automated system takes care of the rest. Thanks to its user-friendly point, click, and pay functionality, you get to pay your suppliers on your terms, without the risks, costs, and time-consuming processes that come from traditional check-based bill payment.

With, it’s as easy as “log in, view bills, and make payments.” Add new vendors, and when it comes time to make a payment, search by vendor and will fill some fields automatically, shaving minutes off of each payment. You can do this from their website or mobile app, and will either print and mail the check for you or allow you to pay a vendor electronically. Learn more about how easy it is to pay suppliers with here.

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As a leader in cloud consulting and services for growing businesses in the Palm Beach Area and beyond, rinehimerbaker can help you to select, implement, and operate the best software for your business. is just one of the vendors we work with. Learn more about our services, and get in contact with us for more details.