Specialty Trade Contractors in the Cloud

Why Trade Services Companies Turn Toward the Cloud

Day in and day out, specialty trade contractors are in steeped in providing exceptional service. Customers have high demands—sometimes urgent—and there’s always a willing competitor around every corner, ready to swoop in and over-deliver. So the more time business owners and admin staff can focus on providing value-added service, the better. That’s why simplifying back […]

QuickBooks has stopped working and must shut down

QuickBooks Has Crashed… Again: What it Means and What You Can Do about It

Contrary to popular belief, the nine most terrifying words in the English language are not always “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” For small business finance and accounting professionals, there is another phrase that strikes even more fear, anger and disdain: “QuickBooks has stopped working and must be shut down.” “QuickBooks has […]

How SMBs Tackle New Challenges

How SMBs Are Meeting Today’s Top Accounting Challenges

Your company may have twenty employees—or have a twenty-person finance and accounting department. Either way, your team likely grapples with processes or systems that no longer serve you. Business growth leads to any number of challenges, but aren’t they just opportunities to improve and work smarter?

Choosing your nonprofit year-end date

Nonprofits: Choosing or Changing Your Fiscal Year-End

Running a successful nonprofit requires a lot of hard work and timely decision making, often without the prestige or paycheck that comes with doing so for a comparably sized for-profit organization. With all this in mind, we would today like to explore one tactic that could improve your visibility, help you better time your expenditures, […]

Align Sales, finance, and Customer Service

Aligning Finance, Sales, and Customer Service at the Modern Organization

With the speed of business faster than it’s ever been, missed opportunities are costlier, customers have higher expectations, and any hiccups, tensions or failures in communication could be the difference between growth and failure. Today, we would like to discuss one consideration in communications that is often overlooked—the relationship between sales and finance—that is a […]

Software Firms ROI Cloud Accounting

How Cloud Accounting Drives Higher ROI for Software and SaaS Companies

Cloud-based financial management and accounting solutions are the perfect fit for software, SaaS, and subscription-based companies. After all, they’re built on and deployed using the same technology as the products and services you’re offering to your customers. Automation, speed, agility, cost-savings, scalability—these are among the many benefits of using today’s web-based services, so you know […]

Three Tips for Smarter Cloud Cybersecurity

Three Tips for Making the Most of the Cloud’s Cybersecurity

It has been well documented that cloud providers work hard to protect your data, and generally offer more security, innovation, and data protection than you could justify spending—it’s just what happens when a company is managing more data than an average enterprise handles, and would go out of business if it was ever discovered that […]

Accounts Payable Automation in the Cloud

The Biggest Benefit of Accounts Payable Automation

There are so many reasons to automate your accounts payable processes. By streamlining and standardizing your AP functions, you’ll quickly experience the benefits that come from a more efficient workflow and enhanced and more accurate data. You’ll save time and money, strengthen your vendor relationships, and increase productivity. But what you really gain—the benefit that’s […]

Outcome Metrics Nonprofits

Why It Pays to Embrace Outcome Metrics in Nonprofit Accounting

In nonprofits, it’s all about the mission. As a CFO, Controller, or Accounting Professional at a nonprofit, it’s likely that you joined the firm because of this mission. While an honorable choice of career and employer, you’re probably working on a shoestring budget with a smaller staff than you should have, and are already burning […]

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Celebrating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the Cloud

Among other things, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a month designated by the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies as a month to teach individuals and businesses about the importance of cybersecurity and discuss opportunities to prevent breaches of personal and business devices. Today, we would like to talk about the month […]