Dimension based Reporting

How Nonprofit Leaders Can Regain Control of Their Chart of Accounts

Leading a successful, honest nonprofit requires a lot of attention to detail. With regulators and watchdogs breathing down your neck, standards boards making the reporting process more complicated than ever, and more competition for donor and grantor money, running a nonprofit is more challenging than ever. Many Reporting Challenges, Many Stakeholders How many people do […]

Five Signs You Need Outsourced Accounting Help

5 Signs Your Company Might Need An Outsourced Accounting Partner

If you’re considering outsourcing any of your company’s financial management or accounting functions, you’re likely bursting at the seams with “so much to do in so little time.” But there are other reasons growing companies might need to hire outside, professional help. Let’s take a look at some common signs that it’s time to call […]

Trade Contractor Accounting Challenges

Three Financial Time Drains for Trade Contractors

There are over 10 million trade service contractors, and while some operate as single independent contractors, many others operate in a larger business unit, with large-scale time management, purchasing, and accounting needs, run either by a business manager or staff who needs to manage purchasing, labor, billing and more. Whether you’re in the business of […]

Step 4 ASC 606

ASC 606 Step-by-Step Step 4: Allocate Transaction Price

With just over a year to go for private companies to have their ASC 606 plans in place, many organizations are yet to have done much to get the ball rolling. This is why we began this series, to introduce you to the various steps involved in recognizing revenue under the new standard. Background As […]

Sage Intacct Acquisition

What Sage’s Acquisition of Intacct Means for the Software Market

If you haven’t heard the news, international leader in software for accounting and finance Sage recently announced that it was acquiring leader and innovator in the cloud accounting space Intacct for nearly $1B. The acquisition was announced in a press release on 25 July 2017, and has had profound impacts on the accounting space. Now […]

Process Efficiency in the Cloud

How Cloud Accounting Lets Users Take Control of Process

When you consider the many pain points of using yesterday’s financial management processes—non-integrated systems, cumbersome data entry and re-entry, error-prone spreadsheets, unsecured and vulnerable data, etc.—it’s easy to see why “enhanced control” is one of the key reasons for system upgrades. Your business data, which is getting ever-more voluminous and complex as you grow, requires […]

Nonprofit Success Stories

Two Nonprofit QuickBooks Upgrade Success Stories

QuickBooks, along with other entry-level accounting software, is amazing for businesses who are just starting out, but there comes a time for all organizations in which its manual processes, lack of visibility, and reliance on spreadsheets to get basic tasks done makes the software less and less affordable. While the actual costs haven’t increased, the […]

Best of Breed Software in the Cloud

How Best of Breed Applications Ramp up the Benefits of the Cloud

In yesterday’s post, we discussed how you can get up and running in the cloud with minimal downtime or interference. Today, however, we would like to discuss the importance of best-of-breed applications in amplifying the benefits of the cloud—ramping up the speed of implementation, offering you even lower total cost of ownership and faster ROI, […]

Cloud Software Hit the Ground Running

How Upgrading to the Cloud Lets You Hit the Ground Running

At growing businesses, momentum is the name of the game. New customers, new revenue streams, new funding sources—no matter the industry, it’s a great feeling to watch your organization start making a larger impact. For some organizations, however, there comes a point where growth becomes painful. Normally, this painful growth occurs when you start pushing […]

Security in the Cloud

Intacct Delivers Security and Peace of Mind to Today’s Financial Teams

For some, making the move away from traditional financial and accounting management systems toward an automated, digital solution can feel like a leap of faith. There’s a level of perceived security in something you can hold in your hands—the paper spreadsheets, for instance—and imagining your data floating out there in the cloud is might make […]