How Churches Can Embrace Modern Finance

How Church Financial Leaders Can Break Their Spreadsheet Habit

Spreadsheets. Used to manage everything from personal activities and budgets to organizational financial activities, the latter of these poses a multitude of dangers for religious organizations who try to manage funds, cash flows, and expenses using them. The use of spreadsheets is prevalent in finance, but poses a danger, as a majority of spreadsheets contain […]

How to Identify Performance Obligations under the new Revenue Recognition Standard

ASC 606 Step-by-Step Part 2: Performance Obligations

The effective date for ASC 606 is rapidly approaching, with public companies needing to complete the transition to the new standard by the end of this year, and private companies having just under 18 months to make the move. In today’s deep-dive, we would like to explore in detail the second step of the five-step […]

Free up your schedule with cloud accounting

How Cloud Accounting Delivers the Hidden Value of Wasting Time

Getting more done in less time and finishing a task early. Doesn’t it sound fabulous? Also too good to be true, perhaps, because there’s always something we can do to with that extra time to be even more productive. But why not take a counter-intuitive approach: use that extra time to do anything but work. […]

Gusto HR Software

Product Spotlight: Gusto HR, Payroll, Benefits, and More

At rinehimerbaker, we are committed to helping you find the right software for your business needs. As an Intacct Partner and consultant providing a multitude of leading cloud technology options, we are proud to partner with some of the leading names in business software including, MineralTree, Tallie Expense Report Software, and Gusto HR, Payroll, and Benefits, a product […]

Need for Speed Nonprofit

The Need for Speed at Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit leaders have some unique challenges, but one of the most common and pressing issues to address is that you need to get things done quickly, but also need to get these things done without the resources of your for-profit counterparts. Whether that means creating reports without a large staff, answering donor questions or managing […]

Church Financial Management

Three Common Annoyances Faced by Church Financial Teams

Do you manage finances at a church? If so, you know that there are some unique challenges. From managing people to managing funds, it’s likely you are doing more than just financial work, and when the financial work starts taking more and more time each month, it’s taking away from the other work you need […]

Cloud Automation

How Intacct’s Cloud-Based Financial Software Supports Growing Businesses with Automation

When growth is the name of the game, your next move isn’t always “increase headcount.” With today’s cloud-based financial software systems, technology steps in to create pivotal process efficiencies and boost the productivity of the team you already have in place. Automation is key. It helps you make the most of your existing resources so […]

ASC 606 Identify Contracts

ASC 606 Step-by-Step Part 1: Identify Contracts and Thresholds

ASC 606 is on the horizon, and if the warnings being issued over the past year haven’t gotten you motivated to start looking at your contracts and accounting practices, here’s another warning: Public organizations need to apply the new revenue standard for annual reporting periods beginning after December 15, 2017. Nonpublic organizations should apply the […]

Real Cloud vs Fake Cloud

Don’t Fall into a Faux Cloud Trap

In sunny Florida, we rarely see clouds of the meteorological sense, but when they are around, it’s important to know what they mean—because stormy skies may mean we need to board up or batten down the hatches. At rinehimerbaker, we are well-versed in technological clouds, and would like to send out a PSA—don’t fall for […]

five challenges nonprofits face

Five Top Pain Points for Nonprofit Financial Teams

Now that you’ve filed Form 990, it’s time to get back to the daily grind of accounting. Was this year more challenging than last? Will next year be even more challenging? As your nonprofit organization grows, you face additional challenges that come with said growth—often facing more stakeholders, stricter requirements, and smaller budgets than a […]