Cloud Accounting Convergence

Sage Intacct for Professional Services Companies

How Sage Intacct Brings Competitive Advantage to Professional Services Companies

From architectural and accounting firms to digital marketing agencies and IT consultancies, more professional services companies are managing their financials in the cloud. You may have started with spreadsheets, but automating financial management and accounting tasks—especially if you run a project-based business—creates time and cost savings that transform business operations and customer experiences.

AvidXchange Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: AvidXchange AP Automation

At rinehimerbaker, we are committed to helping your business succeed. Whether we are doing so by taking on the role of accountant for your firm, or helping you to select and implement the right accounting, AP, travel, or invoice software for your business, we understand the needs of Florida-based businesses and are proud to support […]

Sage Intacct Partner of the Quarter

Sage Intacct Names rinehimerbaker, llc Partner of the Quarter Q4 2017

Some big news from the team at rinehimerbaker. Earlier this month, we were named the Sage Intacct Partner of the Quarter for our strong sales performance and high levels of ongoing customer satisfaction. Learn what this means for our prospects and customers below.

Lure the right talent with cloud ERP

Meet the Expectations of Top Financial Talent with Cloud-Based Software

The benefits of cloud-based software are usually cited as lower costs, process and workflow optimization, and scalability. But the attraction and retention of key finance and accounting department personnel is another benefit of implementing the best-in-class technology—one that’s not included in the “top 5 benefits” lists, but should be. The reality is that today’s top […]

The self destructive charge of the Excel Brigade

The Self-Destructive Charge of the Spreadsheet Brigade

“Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.” These words open one of the most famous poems in British History, written by Alfred Tennyson, which commemorated the loyalty, valor, and fortitude of the Light Brigade as they fought Russian forces in the Battle of Balaclava […]

Tax Reform impact on small business

Six Things Small Businesses Need to Know about the New Tax Law

The first major legislative victory on behalf of President Trump and the largest tax reform package in over 30 years, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was finalized by Legislators on December 20, 2017 and was signed into law just days later. Today, we’d like to explore six important details of the new tax plan, […]

Construction Spending Growth in November 2017

Big Gains for Construction: Spending Beats Estimates

The construction industry continues to see a winning streak. Just days after the passage of tax reform, a new report from the United States Census Bureau found that the construction industry continues to beat estimates—nearly 1 percent above October estimates and nearly 2.5 percent above predictions made one year ago. November Construction Sees Growth and […]

Restaurant Financial Technology

Today’s Special: Technology Eases Financial Management Pain Points for Restaurateurs

What happens in the back office of your restaurant isn’t ever a customer concern—unless, of course, their meal is missing a key ingredient or the credit card system goes down. Your customers are focused on their dining experience, and they probably don’t think beyond what happens in the kitchen; the only thing on their minds […]

Tax Reform in the Construction Industry

Tax Reform is a Reality: What Construction Companies Need to Know

The first major legislative victory on behalf of President Trump, and the first major accomplishment since the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch, and the largest tax reform package in over 30 years, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was finalized by Legislators on December 20, 2017 and was signed into law just days later. […]

strategizing Accounts Payable Automation

Overnight Success? Let Strategy Guide Your AP Automation Expectations

Every day, more finance leaders at growing companies buy into the value prop of best-in-class, cloud-based financial management and accounting software. But that doesn’t mean they’re ready to put their money where their mouth is—not yet, anyway. What they have is a chicken-and egg situation: They want to “get strategic” and know they need to […]