rinehimerbaker announces recruiting practice

Bridge the Talent Gap with Recruitment Services from rinehimerbaker

Over the past few years, there has been a talent crisis building. Driven by three major factors, an aging finance and accounting workforce that approaching retirement, decreasing numbers of students choosing accounting, and a falling unemployment rate; it’s becoming more and more challenging to find the right people for the job.

These factors, combined with changing expectations from employees and higher expectations from stakeholders mean that you can’t only find good talent, you need great talent. All of this creates a dilemma for the modern business: The wrong hire can be detrimental, but not hiring anyone puts additional stress on your current workforce. You need answers. You need help. And You need it fast.

rinehimerbaker Launches Recruiting Practice

At rinehimerbaker, we have spent the our time in existence keeping a close watch on the finance and accounting world, and understand the challenges and concerns that modern finance department leaders face. In the past few years, we have expanded to address some of these challenges, building on our traditional outsourced accounting role to take on a technology practice and most recently announcing a recruiting practice designed to help organizations find the talent they need.

From our press release:

“Premier accounting firm and cloud technology consultant, rinehimerbaker, llc, announced today it has added recruitment expertise to its suite of strategic offerings. rinehimerbaker, llc, is pleased to now provide staffing solutions to the clients they serve in Florida and throughout the Southeastern United States.

Due to their solid experience, cultivated network of contacts, and extensive understanding of the financial services sector, rinehimerbaker, llc, is uniquely positioned to help their clients as they search for leadership that adds exceptional value to their businesses. In addition to executive positions, rinehimerbaker, llc, assists in identifying and engaging top talent for entry-level through managerial placement.

Finding and recruiting top talent is often a time-consuming, expensive process,” said Fernando Vega, Director of Recruiting for Rinehimerbaker, llc. “Yet is critical to the growth and success of our clients’ organizations.”

Vega continued, “We are extremely happy to provide expert advice and expand our commitment of strategic services to offer recruiting and staffing resources that add technical expertise to our clients’ key business operations.”

As we continue to expand our business, this is a logical next step, due to our extensive experience in the finance world, our commitment to service, and our understanding of what it means to be successful. As we expand our recruiting practice, we welcome you to follow our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts for advice on finding employees, landing a job, or on current must-know finance trends.

Learn more about our recruitment services, and when you’re ready to reach out, contact us for more information.

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