Faith-Based Accounting and Cloud Technology

Empowering Your Potential—So You Can Focus on Service

The important work you do in your community shouldn’t be held back by administrative limitations. But faith-based organizations commonly struggle with outdated and manual financial systems and workflows and small IT budgets—and an increasing need to do more with less. In today’s economic climate, it’s simply getting harder to maximize your resources and make an impact with your spiritual mission.

That’s why rinehimerbaker works with faith-based organizations like yours to put affordable, data-driven financial management technology and processes in place.  With the right solutions, your finance and accounting teams will have the tools they need to:

  • Automate key processes and strengthen internal controls
  • Connect and oversee the financials of multiple entities
  • Manage cash flow more efficiently, from payments to revenue
  • Deliver on complex reporting requirements for all stakeholders
  • Gain insights into operational and financial drivers