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How to Set Up and Use Automation Early in Your Business

Join 1909 and rinehimerbaker for a fun evening event on May 20th to discuss how to set up and use automation early in your business. This event is great for startups and growing companies that are looking to avoid an automation gap, find out how to use software solutions together to their benefit, keeping their team streamlined, and the different types cloud-based automation solutions. More information to come soon.

Webinars and Web Series

The Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Hospitality Company in 2020

Join our team as we take a deep dive into three innovative ways to create incredible growth in your hospitality company. Register now to have access to available videos and to be alerted when the next one drops. The three videos will be released on February 4th, 11th, and 18th.

Have a Successful Investment Round or Sale

Join our team as we take a deep dive into a three part series on how to have a successful investment round or sale. We focus on what financials are important to an investor, how to pull together your business plan, tips and tricks for your pitch, and how to locate the right investor. Register now to access the videos.