Cloud Accounting Convergence

Managing a Cultural Shift in the Cloud

Company Culture’s Role in Successful Cloud-Based Software Adoption Part 2: Leading the Charge

“Company culture is either the number one catalyst or inhibitor to progress.” This according to Brian Solis, who has been a leader in the digital transformation movement, is one of the biggest reasons that you need to change the way your people think if you hope to have a successful cloud journey. In the first […]

Building a Cloud Focused Culture

Company Culture’s Role in Successful Cloud-Based Software Adoption Part 1: Understanding the Cloud Culture Connection

If your organization’s digital transformation includes introducing your employees to a cloud-based business software solution, you can’t afford to underestimate the role company culture plays in the process. Take it from Brian Solis, who claims “company culture is either the number one catalyst or inhibitor to progress.” By now, the cloud-culture connection is practically conventional […]

Competing for top accounting and finance talent

Finance and Accounting Facing a Talent Crisis Part 2: The War for Talent

With unemployment reaching new lows, an already strained finance and accounting industry is starting to feel the pain. Additionally, as the economy continues to improve, demands for finance talent will increase, employees will expect more, and your fellow employers will ramp up their offers to meet talent demands.

Finance and Accounting Skills Gap

Finance and Accounting is Facing a Talent Crisis Part 1: The Education Gap

If you haven’t heard, the business community is facing a talent crisis. Driven by low unemployment, mismatched skillsets, and new expectations from job seekers, it’s becoming harder to find people, fill roles, and compete for talent. This has created a “war for talent” that over the past five years has intensified. As the fight ramps […]

rinehimerbaker announces recruiting practice

Bridge the Talent Gap with Recruitment Services from rinehimerbaker

Over the past few years, there has been a talent crisis building. Driven by three major factors, an aging finance and accounting workforce that approaching retirement, decreasing numbers of students choosing accounting, and a falling unemployment rate; it’s becoming more and more challenging to find the right people for the job.

Workforce Go! Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Workforce GO! Human Capital Management

At rinehimerbaker, we are committed to helping growing businesses do more work while doing less labor. As a leading accounting firm, technology consultant, and provider of services that help you get the job done, we like to shine the spotlight each month on some of the software that we recommend for our clients. Today’s software […]

G2Crowd finds Sage Intacct Tops the List of ERP Software

Sage Intact Named Customer Satisfaction Leader by G2Crowd

The results are in: Sage Intacct is the cream of the crop, according to its customers. If this doesn’t sound compelling, think of it this way: When compared with other software, Sage Intacct customers are happier, more productive, and more likely to recommend the software to their colleagues than any other software’s customers. This according […]

Exploring the Reasons to Use Cloud Accounting

3 Sure Signs You Need A Cloud-Based Financial Management and Accounting Solution

If you suspect your existing financial management and accounting system doesn’t have what it takes to sustain your company’s growth, you’re probably right. Even if you’ve already graduated from homegrown spreadsheets to desktop software, your on-premise solution it simply might not be powerful enough to meet your evolving needs. Consider these 3 signs that it’s […]

getting spreadsheets out of your organization

How to Stop Your Company’s Microsoft Excel Habit

One of the most prevalent, dangerous, and hard to break habits that exists at an organization is its peoples’ obsession with using Excel for everything. Even if the software has become smarter in the past years and has become more useful when paired with Microsoft Power BI, the continued use at your organization is creating […]

Sage Intacct Case Study

Medical Services Company Fuels Growth with Sage Intacct

Fast-growing firms in highly regulated field don’t have time for mistakes. Not only is a delay or error going to slow your growth, but it could also expose you to major risks from regulators. For a company like this medical service organization, who has gained traction by being a leader in serving Medicare Advantage clients, […]