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Building Your Back Office Capabilities for Long-Term Success

Your day-to-day focus is on winning the business and getting the job done right. Managing your financials and maintaining regulatory compliance, on the other hand, may not be among your company’s core competencies—and you might not have the time administrative resources to keep your numbers up-to-date and audit-ready. If your back office staff is spending too much time in spreadsheets and performing manual tasks using yesterday’s technology, you’re not getting access to the financial and operational insights you need to make impactful, long-term business decisions.

That’s why rinehimerbaker works with trade contractors like you to implement cloud-based financial management and accounting solutions that take the complexity out of back office administration. With 24/7 access user-friendly productivity and reporting tools, your administrative team and decision-makers will have the resources they need to:

  • Automate key processes, such revenue recognition, that optimize use of cash and move business forward
  • Simplify your back-office tasks, such as payment approvals and reporting, freeing up time for more strategic projects
  • Gain invaluable, real-time data-driven insights into operational and financial drivers
  • Manage finance-related tasks from any connected device, around the clock
  • Scale affordably as the business grows—without adding staff