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Why Your Accounting System Needs an Upgrade

{ FREE WEBINAR} Do you experience hours of manual work with exports, rekeying, and workarounds every month? Just because you’re in a growing organization that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an old accounting system. If you experience consolidations that take days, or EOM closings that take half the month it’s time to consider what your options are to upgrade your accounting system.


This webinar is for any company that feels the pain points of a system that doesn’t fit all their needs and they’ve hit the solution’s ceiling. The host will hit the top five key pain points that we see many of our clients facing once they’ve outgrown their system. Take the time to listen in, and see how many you identify with. Then contact our team to see how we can create a best-in-class solution based on your specific needs that won’t hit a ceiling in the future. 


rinehimerbaker works directly with Sage Intacct because of the solutions ability to eliminate many issues growing companies face internally. Sage Intacct offers growing companies the ability to scale with their growth and cut their monthly close process in half. Cloud-based ERP solutions are offering companies the ability to work remotely, access to real-time data, and reports within minutes. 



Join Jack Sweeney, host of “CFO Thought Leader” and 2 leading Finance Executives to learn:

  • ·       5 specific signals that your system is holding you back
  • ·       Key steps to consider to make a change, and ensure an impact
  • ·       What they did to reduce accounts payable processing costs by 90%



Sign up now to reserve your spot during the webinar or to ensure that you receive a copy of the recording if you can’t make it. 


Contact rinehimerbaker today to make your move to the cloud.


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