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What Does It Mean to Have Anytime, Anywhere Accounting Access?

Technology has made it easier than ever to collaborate across states, regions, or countries, and in this period of increased globalization, organizations need software that can meet globalization’s higher demands. Whether you’re working with a disparate finance team or you just need to send a report or approve an expense report while out of the office, today’s finance leader needs access whenever and wherever he or she stands—from the office, the house, or from the beach.

What Does It Mean to Have Anytime, Anywhere Access?

It should sound simple, but there is more to it than “accessing financial data from a laptop at your local coffee shop.” Modern Accounting Software should allow you to access data—whether by WiFi or Mobile Network, Desktop or Smartphone, Browser or Feature-Rich Application. Further, it should take uptime and security seriously, so you can rest easy knowing that it’s only you accessing financial data.

Access from Any (Verified) Device

The productivity gains can’t just come from lugging around a laptop from place to place—even if TSA Precheck makes it easier to transport your laptop. You need not only browser friendly accounting, but mobile-friendly as well, so you can use your software anywhere, anytime, from any device—from smartphone to tablet to desktop.

Unlike solutions that have merely adapted their 20-year old screen for a browser, modern accounting software offers a cloud-native UI that was designed from the start to offer a modern, intuitive user experience. Intacct was designed for the cloud and built for browser access to provide access with no sacrifices to functionality.

Guaranteed Uptime

Emergencies happen, books need to close, and sometimes you need to be working at unfortunate times to get things done (even if modern accounting automates many of the processes that would cause delays). Knowing this, it’s important to know that anytime means anytime, whether it’s 9 in the morning or 11 at night. Modern accounting solutions should be able to guarantee you access at all times, with minimal downtime.

Intacct offers a guarantee of 99.8% uptime (less than 18 hours down a year) and backs it up with financial guarantees, but this isn’t a worry, as the company far exceeds this and has provided an average of 99.982% uptime over the past year. This translates to 94 minutes—over the past year.

Confidence That Only Verified Users Have Access

With all of these promises of anytime, anywhere access, it should go without saying, it doesn’t mean anyone should have access as well. A modern accounting solution should take steps to prevent your financial data from prying eyes—whether that’s from the “Russians” or a disgruntled former employee.

Solutions like Intacct offer important safeguards on the user logon side like multi-factor authentication, approved IP address lists, granular control of who has access to what, and enforced password changes in order to protect the information you entrust with the software.

Learn More: Intacct is More than Anytime, Anywhere Access

Of course, it’s nice to have anytime, anywhere access, but if that was all you need, you’d be fine using Excel on OneDrive for finance. Intacct is much more than that, and has been used by companies of all sizes—from the nonprofit with a finance team of one to the publicly traded multinational corporation with a finance team of thousands. Used by over 11,000 customers, Intacct provides feature-rich, user-friendly, and easily integrated accounting software. Learn more by downloading the Buyer’s Guide to Accounting Software and by signing up for Not Your Mother’s Chart of Accounts—Modern Day Accounting Applications on March 14.

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