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Product Spotlight: Gusto HR, Payroll, Benefits, and More

At rinehimerbaker, we are committed to helping you find the right software for your business needs. As an Intacct Partner and consultant providing a multitude of leading cloud technology options, we are proud to partner with some of the leading names in business software including, MineralTreeTallie Expense Report Software, and Gusto HR, Payroll, and Benefits, a product which we will be introducing you to in today’s blog.

One of the biggest headaches that organizations have is that of HR. Often tasked with managing a process that is manual, laborious, and outside of the average business owner’s job description, the idea of managing HR is painful and—in the modern compliance environment—risky.

Gusto HR Services: Online HR for Payroll, Benefits, and Everything Else

From workers comp to payroll to the compliance landmine that is health benefits, small and medium businesses often need help. Luckily, technology has become more accessible to manage all of this and shade business owners from risks and pitfalls. Gusto is one of these options, helping growing businesses to mitigate their risk from the alphabet soup of government agencies who would gladly impose fines over a missed decimal or incorrect form.

Touted as all-in-one payroll, benefits, and HR, Gusto takes the human element out of the administrative tasks at over 40,000 businesses, automating processes so that leaders can focus more time on growing the business. Today, we’d like to discuss some of the features, but for more, you’ll need to contact us or head to their website.

Online Payroll

Paying full-time or part-time employees as 1099s is illegal, but paying them as W-2 employees is complicated—especially when you’re doing it manually. Gusto offers easy-to-use payroll from onboarding to end of year and everything in between:

  • Take total control of your payroll, running it from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Make it simple to onboard employees with an online self-onboarding process what allows them to add all of their information and even download their paystubs and W-2s after they are done.
  • Let Gusto handle the complicated taxes—Federal, FICA, State, and local; withholding the right amount of money and even auto populating the forms you need to fill out.
  • Integrate Gusto with the leading accounting software options of the day.
  • Automatically track birthdays, work anniversaries, and more, sending you reminders to add thank-you notes and celebratory attachments.

Health Benefits

We know, the health benefits landscape is complex. For businesses, setting up plans that are affordable while offering competitive plans is a challenge. But for your employees, understanding their roles and responsibilities in enrolling in health insurance is a challenge in and of itself.

Gusto was designed to meet the needs of both the employer and the employee navigate the health benefits and health insurance landscape. Learn more about the health benefits offering here.

Benefits: 401(k), 529 College Savings, and More

In addition to offering an intuitive, user-friendly health benefits platform, Gusto can also help you prepare your employees for major life events like retirement or sending a child to college.

With Gusto 401(k) retirement plans, the company will help your employees make easy and affordable investments, and since it works with payroll, setup is simple and making contributions is simple.

Similar to how they make retirement savings easy, Gusto makes it easy to put money away toward your child’s education with a 529 prepaid tuition plan.

Workers Compensation

Gusto can help you to mitigate risk for yourself and your employees—making it easy to get and stay covered with easy online enrollment, pay-as-you-go payments, and integration with payroll. Gusto offers an instant estimate and policy offer, and ability to e-sign immediately.


Even with all the bells and whistles mentioned above, Gusto still gets the basics done. As an all-in-one HR software, Gusto streamlines onboarding, consolidates employee records and reduces administrative busy work. We’re getting you out of the maze of spreadsheets and back in front of your team.

Gusto makes it easy to:

  • Manage employee documents all in one place.
  • Onboard your employees easily and affordably with paperless onboarding.
  • Manage time off with the click of a button.
  • Lead employee surveys and feedback.

All this and more in the All-in-one Gusto platform.

The Best Cloud Services from the Trusted Team at rinehimerbaker

At rinehimerbaker, we are proud to help growing businesses to select implement, and manage their finances, HR, and more in the cloud. As an Intacct Partner, we also work with leading software providers like Gusto to allow you to grow without the headaches that come from manual, laborious processes. Learn more about Gusto, learn more about our services, and get in contact with us for more information.