Workforce Go! Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Workforce GO! Human Capital Management

At rinehimerbaker, we are committed to helping growing businesses do more work while doing less labor. As a leading accounting firm, technology consultant, and provider of services that help you get the job done, we like to shine the spotlight each month on some of the software that we recommend for our clients. Today’s software is a leading human capital management platform that integrates with Sage Intacct to provide one click transaction entry, bidirectional data entry, and complete functionality to make the HCM process easier. This platform is called Workforce Go! and you can learn more below.

Workforce Go! Human Capital Management

Designed to connect best in class financials with a best in class human capital management system, Workforce Go! works with Sage Intacct to provide customers and end users an easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to configure platform that syncs with multiple modules within the Sage Intacct platform.

By connecting the two, customers can easily generate and access reports designed with the end user in mind, tackling compliance issues, complex hours tracking requirements, and costs. This web based solution features multiple modules designed to simplify HR processes as your business grows.

Human Resources Solution

From applicant tracking to onboarding and throughout the employment of your team members, Workforce Go! makes it easy for everyone to get the information they need and reduce the manual processes getting it.

Why Workforce Go! for Human Resources?

While most small and midsize companies have processes, policies, and strategies in place for HR management, these activities tend to be time-consuming and inefficient and don’t scale well as your business grows. Workforce Go! provides a robust HR application that enables you to streamline and automate these HR tasks efficiently and effectively. Self-service functionality takes it one step further by empowering your employees to handle many of their own HR-related tasks.

Key Features

The application features selfservice workflows, allowing employees, managers, and HR administrators to directly manage many of their tasks across the functional spectrum.

  • Applicant Tracking allows managers to perform online applicant searches and track job applicant candidates throughout the hiring process. Candidates have the ability to directly apply for a specific position online.
  • Onboarding Checklists help you electronically submit W-4 and I-9 forms, conduct open enrollment with employee self-service, and manage automated payroll deductions.
  • Performance Management provides an automated method for managers to review employees and for employees to review their own performance through a multi-tier review process. Performance reviews are measured through competencies, goals, and core values, providing you with a fast, comprehensive way to track employee performance.
  • Compliance is a breeze with reports for new hires, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Vets 100. Built-in workflows for filing forms such as I-9s and W-4s make the submission process faster. All data are stored online and can be accessed and printed when needed.

With so much more available, we welcome you to check out the entire platform by reading their brochure.

Workforce Management

With so many employee management pitfalls pertaining to hourly tracking, payroll concerns, and inaccuracies, having a solution that can automate the process and reduce the work managing your workforce can improve productivity and reduce costs.

Taking Control of Labor Costs without Spending Money Tracking It

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, labor costs represent 28 percent of annual revenue for U.S. companies. In managing your workforce, you need a solution that will help you reduce labor costs, promote worker productivity, and hire the talent that will help grow your business in the future. Our powerful workforce management suite can help your organization transform how you find, manage, grow, and retain your workforce.

The Workforce Go! workforce management suite, composed of time and labor management, human resources, and payroll, makes it possible for you to accurately manage all aspects of your workforce through one web-based application. By automating many of the manual, time-consuming processes associated with managing your workforce, our workforce management suite helps you improve operational processes and grow your business while easing compliance and saving you time and money

Key Features and Benefits

  • Access your system anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re traveling, working remotely, or out sick, you have 24/7/365 access to the applications. All you need is a web browser or mobile device. You remain in constant control of your business information.
  • Get in-the-moment access to real-time data. The suite effectively eliminates the guesswork of labor expenses by seamlessly integrating HR, payroll, and time and labor management, allowing data to be viewed and analyzed in real time. This enables you to see the full picture of your operations whenever you need to.
  • Address additional workforce management needs. The Marketplace is a one-stop shop featuring tightly integrated, complementary products and services from accredited third-party vendors as well as internally developed offerings in a broad range of functional categories.

Learn more about the entire Workforce Go! suite by reading their brochure.

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