Modern Technology = Game Changing Results

In today’s society businesses have to be able to quickly pivot and respond to changes in their business environment. In order for this to happen every team member must be equipped with transformative technology solutions that are flexible and adaptable to their changing environment.

Does your current ERP solution give your finance staff the flexibility it needs to respond as quickly as your business changes? Specifically, what types of technology should you be taking advantage of?

Your ERP system should take advantage of the latest in cloud-based, mobile, and artificial intelligence technologies. Both of these technologies give your staff, and your company, availability to access process, and report on data seamlessly on any device. This enables your staff to work from anywhere and to keep critical processes and information flowing. AI is rapidly making its way into accounting processes and with it you can eliminate hours of manual work that is required when using outdated technology.

So how do you take advantage of these technologies and reduce your accounting workload by up to 90%?


In this live one-hour webinar, you’ll learn about the benefits of a modern financial management system and its game-changing impact on your company―starting with the foundation of your financials―your chart of accounts.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how you can:

  • Manage financials efficiently across entities, expenses, and cash flows
  • Increase visibility across multiple charts of accounts
  • Consolidate hundreds of entities in real-time

Can’t attend on the 14th? Go ahead and register anyway. We’ll send you a link to the recording. Register here.

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