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Product Spotlight: Intacct Cloud Accounting and ERP

At rinehimerbaker, our goal is to help you play harder. Whether that’s through our outsourced accounting services, allowing you to free up your time and money to focus on growth or through our advising services which allow you to make decisions more confidently in an ever-changing world, our goal is to help you succeed in any way we can.

However, did you know that in addition to the services we offer, we can also have product-focused consulting services? That’s right. As a proud reseller and partner of some of the most innovative software products of the day, we can also help you select and implement specialized cloud solutions like Tallie expense software, payment solutions, MineralTree, and Gusto HR, among others—all of which we will be highlighting in coming months.

Knowing this, our bread and butter is accounting. This is why we have partnered with one of the most innovative accounting solutions of the day: Intacct.

What Is Intacct and How Can It Help You?

Intacct is a leading cloud accounting vendor who designs products for the end user—whether that’s someone from a finance team of one or one thousand. Founded in 1999, the company has spent nearly the past two decades focusing on one thing—making accounting easier to access and easier to manage. Built as a cloud application (internet + accounting = Intacct) before the cloud was “cool,” the company was a visionary and the product has grown and improved to become the trusted choice of over 11,000 organizations of all sizes, industries, and missions.

Intacct’s Mission is simple: Achieve Unsurpassed ERP Excellence.

The Intacct philosophy? It’s not complicated: We believe your ERP system should both accelerate business processes and support business people. Like you, we’re financial pros who understand the pressures and challenges on your side of the table. That’s why we measure our success by yours and strive to deliver the efficiency and insight to sustain fast growth.

The Basics: Core Financials, Module-Based Additions, Plug-and-Play Functionality

Intacct is built around its core financials—general ledger, accounts payable, purchasing, order management, accounts receivable, cash management, and reporting—which allow you to automate your most important processes, reduce your reliance on spreadsheets, and give you greater visibility into your real-time business performance.

Added on top of this the company offers many additional modules that fit into your organization’s processes, including but not limited to Contract and Subscription Billing, Contract Revenue Management, Fixed Assets, Inventory Management, Multi-Entity and Global Consolidations, Project Accounting, Sales and Use Tax, Time and Expense Management, and Vendor Payment Services.

Best of all, as a Best-of-Breed Solution, Intacct was designed to “play well with others,” meaning that your company can build its own suite of applications which are easily selected through the Intacct Marketplace and integrated through Intacct’s user-friendly APIs.

Top Benefits for Companies Using Intacct

With over 11,000 highly satisfied customers, there are a wide variety of reasons that companies love Intacct, some of which we share below:

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access in the Cloud
  • Quarterly, User-focused Updates (many providers only offer updates every six or twelve months)
  • Updates that don’t break integrations (many suite offerings rely on complex, costly customizations that fall apart with each update—requiring even more complex, costly customizations)
  • Growth-Friendly, Per-User Pricing that allows you to grow and add modules as you need.
  • “Crazy High ROI” with the data to back it up (average customers recognize a return on investment of over 250% and payback period of less than six months when switching to Intacct).
  • Guarantees which the company can back up—security, privacy, and uptime are all guaranteed as part of their service-level agreement, and they have the track record that exceeds their promises.

Learn More and Make the Switch

As a leading Intacct reseller, we are happy to speak with you in the multitude of benefits that companies are recognizing from Intacct, day in and day out. Over the coming months, we will be talking a lot about the benefits of Intacct, the success stories, and how to make the switch. Until then, we welcome you to register for one of their upcoming events, to download the Buyers Guide to Accounting Software, and to contact us to learn more.

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