Product Spotlight: MineralTree

Product Spotlight: MineralTree Accounts Payable and Payment Automation

At rinehimerbaker, we are committed to helping you find the right software for your business needs. As an Intacct Partner and consultant providing a multitude of leading cloud technology options, we are proud to partner with some of the leading names in business software including, Gusto HR, Tallie Expense Report Software, and MineralTree, a product which we will be introducing you to in today’s blog.

MineralTree Accounts Payable and Payment Automation

As companies grow, their processes become more complex, their paperwork becomes more painful, and the invoices become more frequent. For many organizations—especially those relying on Excel Spreadsheets, paper checks, and laborious, inaccurate workflows—the invoice-to-pay process is a nightmare that only gets worse each month.

MineralTree Accounts Payable Automation

MineralTree automates the entire invoice-to-payment process—and it works seamlessly with your existing accounting package. With MineralTree, AP workflow steps are sync’d automatically, multilayer security means you’re guaranteed against fraud and moving spend onto credit cards earns you valuable rebates. Learn more about how MineralTree AP Automation works here.

MineralTree Payments Automation

Not only does MineralTree offer automated accounts payable, they also make it easier than ever to pay vendors and account for it. Thanks to its integrated payables solution, MineralTree FlexPay allows enterprises to optimize their payment process and choose the most efficient payment methods.

Specifically, FlexPay allows you to streamline your payables process by consolidating multiple payment types into a single electronic file, maximize rebates by moving spend into immediate pay credit cards, reduce costs and improve working capital, ultimately helping you to take control over your payments.

Learn more about FlexPay payments automation and how to take the benefits even further with SilverGuard Fraud Security.

MineralTree Integration with Intacct

One of MineralTree’s top features is its ability to integrate and sync with leading accounting software of the day, including Intacct. Watch the video below to learn more.

Learn More

rinehimerbaker is proud to promote MineralTree to our customers as an easier way to manage expenses. Learn more about the features and benefits of the software by heading to the MineralTree website, and get in contact with us to learn how we can help you implement this and other best-in-class business software options in your organization.

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