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Does Sage Intacct have Payroll?

A question our team gets asked often is does Sage Intacct have payroll? The answer is yes and no. Sage Intacct has a philosophy that they want their customers to have a best-in-class solution allowing them to stay focused on continuously adding innovation to the ERP. Sage Intacct’s open API allows other likeminded vendors to […]

Sage Intacct Dimensionality that Goes Beyond the Competition

Sage Intacct dimensionality replaces the old with the new to simplify the way businesses manage their general ledger. The days of having thousands of accounts to track different business segments (department, location, etc.) are over.   Sage Intacct has several native dimensions making it easy for you to streamline the general ledger and increase the […]

Closing the Automation Gap in Finance

Closing the automation gap in finance is key to running an efficient business capable of scaling. Growth in your business, by product diversification or acquisition, creates additional work on your team. If the system is designed around manual tasks and spreadsheets, your company won’t reap the rewards or experience the profit growth you expect. Closing […]

Why CPA’s Agree with Sage Intacct Being the Only AICPA Endorsed GL Software

The AICPA, otherwise known as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, is a national professional organization that sets the standards for accountants in 143 countries. The AICPA oversees the accounting profession, sets standards, and oversees the uniform CPA exam. The organization defines professional accountancy through education requirements, ethical standards, professional standards, and alignment with […]