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Product Spotlight: Tallie Expense Report Software

At rinehimerbaker, we are committed to helping you find the right software for your business needs. As an Intacct Partner and consultant providing a multitude of leading cloud technology options, we are proud to partner with some of the leading names in business software including Bill.com, Gusto HR, MineralTree, and Tallie Expense Report Software, a product which we will be introducing you to in today’s blog.

Tallie: Expense Report Software Designed for Growing Businesses

Are you looking to increase the productivity of your entire team by automating the expense report process—turning a once-laborious process into something as simple as snap, review, approve? Are you looking for a product that integrates with other leading software options, like Intacct to account for and Bill.com to pay the expenses, among other options including QuickBooks and Xero.

Tallie has a multitude of features designed to simplify the expense report process including receipt capture, credit card import and tagging, mileage tracking, and email receipt capture, all of which save time and money for travelers, travel managers, and finance professionals.

Benefits for the Business Traveler

Tallie offers many advantages, leveraging technology to improve the lives of the business traveler, the expense manager, and the accountant.

Receipt Capture

With the Tallie App, available for Android and iOS, business travelers can rid themselves of the portfolio full of receipts and simply take a picture and let Tallie do the rest, scanning in the merchant, date, and other information needed, creating an expense line item for approval by the expense manager.

Credit Card Transaction Import

Connect Tallie to your bank account for any credit card, including corporate credit cards. Choose to import groups of charges, or by transaction. Explained in much more detail on the Automated Credit Card Transaction Management page, this feature removes the manual and laborious process of coding individual credit card transactions into general ledger accounts, automating the process of tagging and coding each transaction by ‘learning’ about merchants and expense categories frequented by business travelers and applying the coding to future transactions on a card.

Available for corporate cards, personal cards, and through Tallie’s partnership with PEX Prepaid cards, this feature helps everyone save time and rest easy knowing the process is taken care of.

Mileage Tracking

Simply hit “start,” and start driving. When you reach your destination, hit stop, and Tallie will automatically calculate mileage and reimbursements. Even if the traveler forgets, it could be as simple as mapping point A and point B, and Tallie will calculate the mileage driven.

Forward Emails to Tallie

With much of the travel and expense process done online, the paper receipt has seen a decline. This is why Tallie also offers a receipt forwarding function that allows users to forward receipts from merchants such as Amazon and Uber to Tallie. Tallie will recognize your email address and automatically generate the expense.

Benefits for the Travel Manager and AP Department

Tallie makes life easier for the travel manager as well. By leveraging technology, Tallie Expense Report Software makes it easier to approve transactions by autopopulating important data for approval.

Optical Character Recognition

Imagine a day without receipts. By allowing your business travelers to scan receipts, expense managers now can see expenses flowed directly into the software, rather than having to scan or manually enter receipt data.


As mentioned above, Tallie learns how to code experiences and in turn will code each transaction to reduce errors and streamline the approval process.

Assign and Bundle Reports

Tallie takes the automation further by bundling reports so that you can track the numbers by any driver or result. Better yet, you can drag and drop transactions between reports with a single click.

Duplicate Detection

Tallie detects potential duplicates by comparing each receipt with all the expense items in your account.

Policy Check

Set your policies and Tallie will flag the exceptions. For clarity, each exception includes a description of the policy, configured as strict requirements or warnings.

Status Updates

Tallie shows you where each expense report is in the approval process and sends an email confirmation once each report is approved.

There is so much more that Tallie offers for users. Learn more on the how-to/product page on the Tallie Website. Get even more detailed information on the pricing and specs page.

Bringing It All Together with Integration

The Expense Reporting process is only the first part of the battle for organizations. Connecting it to accounting takes the simplification and time savings even further.

With Accounting

Integrating with both entry-level accounting software and Intacct, Tallie connects to your accounting or bill pay system to retrieve accounting data for complete categorization. This includes drivers such as your chart of accounts, customers, projects, items, employees, vendors, classes, departments and locations.

Tallie integrations boast an Activity-Based Sync, ensuring any changes made to data in Tallie are immediately reflected in integrated systems.

With Accounts Payable

On top of that, Tallie is the only expense report provider to offer a comprehensive integration with Bill.com. You can provision Tallie directly from your Bill.com account by accessing the App Center area of Settings. Export to Bill.com in the form of a bill payable to an employee or to a credit card vendor. Tallie syncs any accounting information into Bill.com including receipt images, billable flags, and recording the bill as paid.

Learn More

rinehimerbaker is proud to promote Tallie to our customers as an easier way to manage expenses. Learn more about the features and benefits of the software by heading to the Tallie website, and get in contact with us to learn how we can help you implement this and other best-in-class business software options in your organization.

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