Sage Intacct's Financial Reporting

Sage Intacct’s Financial Reporting Surpasses the Competition

Sage Intacct’s financial reporting surpasses the competition by providing unsurpassed visibility, granular transparency, and ease of use. Sage Intacct customers save 40+ hours per month on reporting alone and cut time spent checking data accuracy by 75%. Sage Intacct’s financial report writer delivers significant time savings and is unmatched by other cloud-based ERP solutions. 


Sage Intacct comes with 150 built-in financial reports. These reports can be executed exactly how they are built, or they can be customized to your unique business needs. A benefit of the built-in reports is that they can be duplicated and changed within as little as five minutes, saving time and effort. Sage Intacct also utilizes a memorize feature that allows a user to customize a report and to effortlessly save and schedule it with just a few clicks. 


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Sage Intacct features a multi-dimensional ledger system which is different than the typical linear ledger. A key benefit is the ability to track and report transaction data based on your company specific attributes. Examples include location, department, project, vendor, customer, or a customized attribute tailored to fit your needs. Sage Intacct is capable of handling not only financial data but also operational data. You have 8 dimensions that are easily sorted to slice and analyze your data every way needed to influence company decisions. rinehimerbaker has been able to change the reporting game for their customers with the multi-dimensions. For one customer we can track their restaurant, club, and total all in one P&L which was near impossible before Sage Intacct. Another customer can see all three business locations on one P&L as well as total business.  


The financial report writer also provides the ability to drill down within a report to the exact copy of an invoice giving visibility that is unmatched by other cloud ERP solutions. A user can easily click on an entry and see the copy of the original invoice allowing complete visibility into your company’s finances.  


Everything within Sage Intacct’s financial reporting is in real-time. When a transaction is uploaded a user can simply refresh their screen and it is immediately available to see. This eliminates wasted time waiting on items to become available and allows you to immediately react to your business.  


Sage Intacct’s financial report writer is not only a powerful tool that provides visibility in you your business it’s also easy to implement. There’s no need for an extensive implementation or an IT team which allows you to focus on your business. Sage Intacct requires zero coding, and like it was mentioned earlier, features over 150 pre-built reports! This ERP system allows everyone in your organization to confidently and quickly access information and reports they need to be successful. 


Overall, Sage Intacct’s financial reporting allows accounting to make better, faster decisions with complete confidence. 


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