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Product Spotlight: Bill.com AP/AR Solutions

At rinehimerbaker llc, we are focused on helping you run your business do more with its resources, moving faster, making smarter decisions, and focusing on future growth. “Play Harder, We’ll Keep Score” is more than a motto, it is a way of life for us, who want to help you in any way we can. […]

What Does It Mean to Have Anytime, Anywhere Accounting Access?

Technology has made it easier than ever to collaborate across states, regions, or countries, and in this period of increased globalization, organizations need software that can meet globalization’s higher demands. Whether you’re working with a disparate finance team or you just need to send a report or approve an expense report while out of the […]

Finance’s Guide to the Suite vs. Best of Breed Debate

It’s a question that has caused a great deal of animosity between decision makers, challenged project teams, and hurt software implementation projects over the past four decades. Highly politicized and often subject to technological shifts, the suite vs. best of breed/best-in-class debate has raged on since the 1970s at businesses of all sizes, industries, and […]

What are the Different Software Delivery Methods?

Last week, we introduced you to the signs that your organization is outgrowing its accounting software: Not having the reporting you need to grow, manual and error prone processes, mediocre-at-best integration, and lack of speed. For those organizations whose growth has outpaced your software’s ability to handle it, congratulations. Knowing this, however, it’s time to […]

How to Know When QuickBooks No Longer Makes the Cut

When a business outgrows an entry-level accounting software like QuickBooks, financial decision-makers have a series of realizations, decisions, and questions that will define the way their organization works in the near- and long-term future. The first realization is often one of the hardest: Realizing that “It’s time.”  For many of us, QuickBooks is like the […]

3 Things Keeping Your Finance Team From Unlocking Their Potential

What’s Keeping You From Unleashing Your Business Potential? Every growing business faces obstacles on its journey toward long-term success. Getting there—and staying there—takes a willingness to use turn obstacles into opportunities to find new ways of working, better ways to manage workflows, and more effective ways to motivate employees for continued growth. Let’s take a look […]

Product Spotlight: Intacct Cloud Accounting and ERP

At rinehimerbaker, our goal is to help you play harder. Whether that’s through our outsourced accounting services, allowing you to free up your time and money to focus on growth or through our advising services which allow you to make decisions more confidently in an ever-changing world, our goal is to help you succeed in […]

Why Cloud and Finance Go Together

Peanut butter and Jelly. Wine and cheese. Summer and baseball. Cloud technology… and Finance? For many businesses, the move to the cloud has come as a sensible choice that has led to immense benefits including lower costs, improved accessibility, and access to technologies formerly reserved for organizations with larger budgets and accounting departments. Why Cloud […]