Explorint the Impact of AP Automation

The Game-Changing Impact of Accounts Payable Automation at Growing Businesses

Whether an individual or an entire team handles your company’s accounting functions, implementing a cloud-based solution to automate their accounts payable process is the ticket to greater employee productivity, departmental efficiency, and strategic growth. That’s because AP is so fundamental to a company’s cash flow position. It’s central to your organization’s financial health, reputation with […]

Tech Savvy CFO

Meet the Tech Savvy CFO of 2017

As we discussed in our last blog, the role of the CFO has seen immense change in the past few years, as the position has evolved from number jockey to strategist, decision maker, and futurist. Today’s CFO has an evolving set of responsibilities, but is luckily graced with new tools to tackle these responsibilities. The […]

Value of Strategic CFO

The Rising Value of the Strategic CFO

Technology is reshaping the role of the CFO, moving action from the back-office into the boardroom. For a growing company, this couldn’t be more important. Back in the days of spreadsheets and desktop software, CFO primarily focused on bookkeeping and historical reporting. But today, they can look forward—and take a seat at the strategy table, […]

Questions to Ask Cloud Accounting Vendor

6 Questions to Ask to Narrow Down Cloud Accounting Vendors

If you’re outgrowing QuickBooks or simply looking to simplify and automate your processes by moving accounting to the cloud, the process for building a long list and then narrowing it down to a short list can be a challenge. As part of the narrowing-down process, you will spend a lot of time demoing the software […]

Reasons that Growing Businesses Love Cloud Financials

Seven Reasons Growing Businesses Love the Cloud

What does it take to get ahead when your business grows? The right knowledge at the right time. With so much competition in the modern business environment, there are certain factors that could separate successful businesses from unsuccessful ones. From automation to collaboration, we explore some of the top reasons the cloud is making business […]

ROI of Cloud Accounting

Exploring The ROI of Cloud Accounting

“What’s our ROI going to be?” If you’re considering moving your company’s accounting practices into the cloud, this is one of the top questions on your mind. You’re making a change to the way you manage your finances—and updating your technology is a big step in the right direction. But how can you be sure […]

Buy with Confidence in the Cloud

What Does It Mean to Buy with Confidence in the Cloud?

Have you ever bought something, only to have buyers’ remorse? It’s a pretty terrible feeling—buying something, only to find out it didn’t hold up to your expectations or worse, feeling like you were the victim of a “bait and switch.” Maybe you made a decision without getting all of the facts, or maybe you were […]

ASC 606 Industry Considerations

Top Obstacles to Revenue Recognition Adoption for Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry in the United States is unique in many ways—for better and for worse. As the last country without centralized healthcare, providers and producers in the United States are still compelled to innovate and create new solutions that improve outcomes. However, the healthcare system in the US is also immensely complex, with many […]

ASC 606 Revenue Recognition Step five

ASC 606 Step-by-Step Step 5: Recognize the Revenue When/As a Performance Obligation is Satisfied

We’re entering the home stretch—in more ways than one. As we enter the Fall, private companies now have one year and one quarter to complete their transition to the new ASC 606/IFRS 15 standards pertaining to the way that all contracts are managed and accounted for. Additionally, we are entering the home stretch for this […]

Cloud Accounting Medical Practices

How Medical Practices Can Leverage Modern Financial Technology

The medical provider industry has undergone massive change over the past decade, and with possible changes like tort reform on the horizon, provider organizations will need to stay on their game as new innovations and challenges change the landscape that is the healthcare industry. Additionally, providers need to look at omnipresent challenges and threats posed […]