Where is Cloud Accounting Technology Headed

Watch our webinar this week on Where Cloud Accounting Technology is Headed. The webinar was lead by Tonya Lilly and Michael Garrison. They discussed what the cloud is, what current benefits of the cloud are, where cloud accounting technology is headed, and how our team works with the cloud.

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Sage Intacct Advantage

rinehimerbaker’s customer recognized at Sage Intacct Advantage

At this year’s Sage Intacct Advantage conference, our customer MemberClicks was recognized as a recipient of the Sage Intacct Customer Success Award, an award designed to celebrate customers who have made dramatic improvements to their business and financial operations using Sage Intacct.

MemberClicks’ mission is to “Empower member-based organization to thrive through refreshing technology and a heart for service.” Their purpose-built suite of technology and customer-centric culture helps them achieve this allowing their customers to focus on serving its members.

For MemberClicks, 2017 was a year that largely focused on growth. With that came the challenges that all growing companies face and in 2018 they decided it was time for a new system that would help, not hinder, their company.

Sage Intacct was implemented for its ability to automate their order to cash process, manage customers’ subscriptions, and automate revenue management to keep them compliant with ASC 606, along with many other benefits!

Using Sage Intacct, MemberClicks was able to increase efficiencies throughout the organization with capabilities like:

  • Producing consolidated financials from multiple entities with various currencies in just a few clicks
  • Closing their books in just four days and spending the ten days they saved to analyze the data rather than reconcile it
  • Seamless order to cash process starting in Salesforce and creating contracts when deals are closed/won
    • Automating revenue and billing management across 3,000+ contracts
    • Automating customer payments through recurring subscription billing

Using Sage Intacct, they now have a consistent customer experience across the entire organization from orders to renewals to payments and everything in between. This consistency provides key members the visibility into every stage of the contracts’ lifecycle.

rinehimerbaker worked with MemberClicks to design and deploy this fully integrated solution centered around Sage Intacct. As a group, we were committed to helping migrate the company’s entire accounting operations onto a system up to the challenge of supporting their dynamic organization.

With MemberClicks recognized as one of a few winners selected out of hundreds of applicants, the journey for them proved worthwhile and demonstrates that success like this can be achieved by organizations of all sizes when you work with people and software that strive to achieve great results!

Congratulations again to MemberClicks from the entire rinehimerbaker team!

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Sage Intacct Payroll

Does Sage Intacct have Payroll?

A question our team gets asked often is does Sage Intacct have payroll?

The answer is yes and no. Sage Intacct has a philosophy that they want their customers to have a best-in-class solution allowing them to stay focused on continuously adding innovation to the ERP.

Sage Intacct’s open API allows other likeminded vendors to build best-in-class solutions that integrate directly with the ERP. This allows every Sage Intacct customer to choose the best payroll solution for them. All of the marketplace partners have created seamless integrations with Sage Intacct.

By implementing both Sage Intacct and a marketplace partner payroll solution you will be creating a system that is tailored to your company, not someone else’s. This is unique when compared to other mid-market accounting and ERP solutions that are a suite of products that limit your functionality.

At rinehimerbaker, we have access to market leading payroll solutions and the expertise to implement them. We’ve helped our clients save time and money by eliminating manual entry and paper processes by leveraging the strengths of cloud-based payroll solutions. These solutions offer many of the benefits employers, and employees, are looking for today. Such as, access from anywhere anytime, employee self-service, mobile apps, compliance support, and advanced reporting tools.

Benefits of Integrating Your Payroll Solutions: 

· Real-time data that is easily accessible

· Ability to report on financial and statistical data for key metrics

      o Active employee headcount on your dashboard

      o Avg. cost of benefits per employee

· Robust departmental reporting

· Reduction of human error through automation

· Reduction in manual work returning hours of time to your team

Our team works with a few different payroll solutions to ensure that you get the perfect match for your company. Our top choices from Sage Intacct’s marketplace partners are Workforce Go! HCM, APS online, and ADP Workforce Now. If you want to keep it in the Sage family take a look at Sage People and keep your eye out for their upcoming integration into Sage Intacct.

Not sure if your current system can integrate? 

With Sage Intacct’s open API, if your current solution isn’t listed on Sage Intacct’s marketplace an integration can be built. This allows you to work with any software you choose. If it works for your accounting department, it works for our team, we can help you implement and go-live creating your own custom best-in-class solution. 

Contact our team at rinehimerbaker to learn how your business could benefit from an integrated payroll solution and a true cloud-based ERP .

Sage Intacct Advatnage

Sage Intacct Advantage Conference Recap

The annual Sage Intacct Advantage was an amazing event again this year with great opportunities to learn about the future of finance, network with our customers and the Sage Intacct team, and enjoy Las Vegas! Below are our team’s top takeaways from this year’s conference.

Sage Intacct Advantage

1) MemberClicks won a customer success Award- rinehimerbaker’s customer, MemberClicks was honored with the customer success award this year at Advantage! This award celebrates customers who have made dramatic improvements to their business and financial operations using Sage Intacct.  Congratulations Brent Stringer and team!


2) Change in Thinking-There was a strong focus on how the accounting function is moving from the age of information to the age of answers. Gone are the old ways of simply reporting “what happened”; now we are focused “why it happened” which is quickly moving to “what will happen next and what should we do about it”. This focus shows how finance teams are moving away from manual work and utilizing technology to deliver strategic value so that organizations can further their mission, grow and scale more quickly.


3) Eliminating the Close– Sage Intacct continues to look for innovative ways to make accountants lives easier. They are currently working on AI capabilities that are embedded directly into the Sage Intacct Intelligent GL.  The goal is to have continuous GL and eliminate the close. How? By using AI to accelerate the capture of data, to detect anomalies and ensure data is accurate and compliant, and to analyze and make intelligent decisions.


4) Sage People– This was an exciting announcement. Sage People is a new HR/benefit/onboarding/payroll solution that will be fully integrated with Sage Intacct. With this full integration, users will be able to quickly and easily view analytics, reports, graphs and dashboards related to the HR function.


5) Growth in Use– Currently 38% of the top CPA firms are using Sage Intacct. The continued growth of users shows how impactful Sage Intacct has been in revolutionizing the cloud accounting world throughout many different industries. The fastest growing verticals adopting Sage Intacct are hospitality and healthcare.


6) Orlando in 2020– Next year’s Advantage conference will be held in Orlando, FL the week of Oct 13th. For everyone that couldn’t make it this year, mark your calendars for next October. It will be a great week to learn, and network!

Sage Intacct Advantage

Open API

The Power of Sage intacct’s Open API and Maketplace

Sage Intacct currently has over 200 software solutions listed on its marketplace with that number growing weekly. Currently, 75% of their users have integrations with 2 or more of their software partners creating seamless solutions within the cloud. The marketplace partners cover a range of categories including payroll, CRM, time & expense, inventory management, finance & admin, e-commerce, and business management. They have been able to create this best-in-class solution for their customers by having a completely open API. 

What is an open API? 

An open API is a publicly available application programming interface that allows developers to create their own unique integration into a certain piece of software. This is the backend system that creates a gateway between two solutions that need to be able to automate sharing information. Sage Intacct has made its API open allowing software companies to easily create their own custom integration. When marketplace partners have the ability to create their own integrations it takes away the coding process for customers.  


What makes Sage Intacct’s open API unique? 

When creating their API Sage Intacct created the backend before the user interface which creates a very robust and stable solution for all marketplace partners to build out integrations. The open API is so stable that they guarantee their API won’t change in any of their upgrades throughout the years. They currently have a 15-year proven streak 

The seamless integration allows for all your cloud-based solutions to easily push information back and forth eliminating manual processes that can be time-consuming and create mistakes.  This also means that your IT department won’t have to spend valuable time maintaining and installing new solutions. All of Sage Intacct’s main partners are plug and play. This means your accounting team can easily turn on new software and for those integrations that have a slightly higher amount of customization your VAR partner ( rinehimerbaker) can have you up and running quickly. 

The marketplace offers 3rd party solutions that allow connections between smaller software solutions that haven’t yet built out their own integration into Sage Intacct’s API. These additional connection solutions make the marketplace rare and powerful for its customers.  It also offers huge cost-savings to customers by being able to skip hiring an outsourced service to build out custom integration.  

rinehimerbaker’s Top Choices on the Marketplace: 

While Sage Intacct works with a variety of strong partners, here at rinehimerbaker we have a list we recommend based on our history and clients success. is a software solution that helps you automated your accounts payable process to save time. We have implemented this integration for multiple partners, and all have had great time savings due to the automation and elimination of manual mistakes.  

Expensify is a mobile expense reporting solution that cuts down the hours of manual data entry and makes it faster to review expenses, reimburse employees and close the month. They allow employees to log expenses on the go through an app, easily reimburse employees the next day, and reconcile corporate cards through a complete integration. 

2CP is a custom payment solution that offers e-commerce, recurring capabilities, merchant services, and email invoicing through an integrated solution. This software solution helps you invoice quicker and get paid faster while eliminating data entry.  

FloQast is a close management software that helps accounting teams close faster and more accurately. It was built to address gaps in your organization, collaboration, automation, and integration for the financial close process.  

Salesforce is the leading CRM that has complete automated integration with Sage Intacct allow a business to see their customer’s journey from beginning to end. This best-in-class software has streamlined the quote to cash process and allows for better communication between departments.  

Workforce Go is a cloud-based human capital management solution. It helps manage payroll, people, and time from pre-hire to retirement. This helps save your company time, reduce manual errors, eliminate reporting delays, and make functionality choices.  

Avalara Avatax is a strategic tax compliance solution that delivers instantaneous sales tax decisions based on more than 12,000 taxing jurisdictions in the United States. This solution assigns hundreds of thousands of taxability rules to get the correct rate for your company. This takes the stress out of tax.  


To find your best-in-class solution, fill out the form below to speak with one of our senior accountants and implementation experts.  

Sage Intacct Advantage

Why you should attend Sage Intacct’s Advantage: Never-Ending Imagination

Sage Intacct’s Advantage is an educational, inspirational, and engaging conference that is leading the way in cloud solutions. You and your team will walk away with knowledge on how to use your cloud ERP to the max of its ability. Advantage provides an opportunity to connect, network, and become a leader in your company.  


When you attend Advantage, you can choose from a diverse collection of product, industry, and hands-on sessions. There are 172 sessions and 203 speaker opportunities. The sessions are broken into different tracks including admin/developer, business leadership, CFO summit, financial services, hands-on learning, healthcare, inventory/distribution, nonprofit, software, product innovation, project and services, and more. You can mix and match tracks to learn new skills and stay competitive. The sessions range from introductory workshops to advanced training. CPE credit is available through select hands-on training courses. Pre-conference training is also available for those looking to advance their Sage Intacct knowledge as well as newcomers to the Sage Intacct world.   


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Advantage is also host to a large marketplace expo that showcases everything from tax software to time and expense solutions, all of which have seamless integrations into their ERP solution. These partners are here to show you how you can continue to automate and move your solutions to the cloud resulting in faster closing, and your ability to do more every month. The expo opens every day at 9 am and stays open throughout the day with multiple schedule breaks as well as a cocktail hour to allow you plenty of time to check out it out. These marketplace partners include ADP, Workforce Go, Nexonia, Avalara, Avidxchange, Expensify, Adaptive Insights, and more. If you need help deciding who to prioritize, we would love to chat before you go! Our team can advise you on what would be the most beneficial for your company.  


One of the top reasons to attend Advantage is the time you will be able to spend with your partner. At rinehimerbaker, we send our team members to take interactive workshops, advanced training, and to meet with our customers. When you register, email our team directly and we will set up a meeting before and during the conference to offer guidance on how to get the most out of their mix and match tracks. Please contact to set up your appointment.  


If all the sessions, upgrades to seamless integrations, and a connection with your partner doesn’t do it for you then I have one thing left. It is in Las Vegas and Sage Intacct knows how to throw a party! From the cocktail hour in the marketplace expo to the final night themed party that is sure to wow. You will regret not going, and with this conference, not everything stays in Vegas. You will impress everyone at your company with the knowledge you will bring back to get more out of your ERP.   


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Now that I have convinced you below are a few great tips to keep in mind when planning your trip: 


  • The earlier you register, the better deal you will get on your registration fee.  


  • As soon as you and your team are registered go ahead and make your hotel reservation. That way you can ensure in staying at the same hotel as the conference. 


  • Purchase any pre-training events you would like to attend, as well as guest passes for the night time events. 



  • Back comfortable business casual clothing in order to get around the MGM hotel. 


  • Don’t forget business cards to share as you network with other attendees and at the expo. 


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Sage Intacct's Financial Reporting

Sage Intacct’s Financial Reporting Surpasses the Competition

Sage Intacct’s financial reporting surpasses the competition by providing unsurpassed visibility, granular transparency, and ease of use. Sage Intacct customers save 40+ hours per month on reporting alone and cut time spent checking data accuracy by 75%. Sage Intacct’s financial report writer delivers significant time savings and is unmatched by other cloud-based ERP solutions. 


Sage Intacct comes with 150 built-in financial reports. These reports can be executed exactly how they are built, or they can be customized to your unique business needs. A benefit of the built-in reports is that they can be duplicated and changed within as little as five minutes, saving time and effort. Sage Intacct also utilizes a memorize feature that allows a user to customize a report and to effortlessly save and schedule it with just a few clicks. 


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Sage Intacct features a multi-dimensional ledger system which is different than the typical linear ledger. A key benefit is the ability to track and report transaction data based on your company specific attributes. Examples include location, department, project, vendor, customer, or a customized attribute tailored to fit your needs. Sage Intacct is capable of handling not only financial data but also operational data. You have 8 dimensions that are easily sorted to slice and analyze your data every way needed to influence company decisions. rinehimerbaker has been able to change the reporting game for their customers with the multi-dimensions. For one customer we can track their restaurant, club, and total all in one P&L which was near impossible before Sage Intacct. Another customer can see all three business locations on one P&L as well as total business.  


The financial report writer also provides the ability to drill down within a report to the exact copy of an invoice giving visibility that is unmatched by other cloud ERP solutions. A user can easily click on an entry and see the copy of the original invoice allowing complete visibility into your company’s finances.  


Everything within Sage Intacct’s financial reporting is in real-time. When a transaction is uploaded a user can simply refresh their screen and it is immediately available to see. This eliminates wasted time waiting on items to become available and allows you to immediately react to your business.  


Sage Intacct’s financial report writer is not only a powerful tool that provides visibility in you your business it’s also easy to implement. There’s no need for an extensive implementation or an IT team which allows you to focus on your business. Sage Intacct requires zero coding, and like it was mentioned earlier, features over 150 pre-built reports! This ERP system allows everyone in your organization to confidently and quickly access information and reports they need to be successful. 


Overall, Sage Intacct’s financial reporting allows accounting to make better, faster decisions with complete confidence. 


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